Why do bats need protection?

Bat numbers are declining. Research shows that loss of, or disturbance to, their preferred roosting sites, (old hollow trees, caves), combined with the increased use of insecticides, (which reduces the quantity of, or poisons the insects that bats eat), are contributory factors. General long held misunderstanding about how bats live, which leads to persecution, are also responsible.

Do bats suck blood?

No British species feeds on blood! All UK bats eat insects such as moths and midges.

What about Rabies?

So far there is no evidence to suggest that rabies is present in the wider bat population. The unfortunate death of licensed Scottish bat worker David McRae in 2002, is likely to have been an isolated incident. However Scottish Natural Heritage is monitoring the situation carefully and has issued guidelines for individuals who are likely to come into direct contact with bats. Unless you are a licensed bat worker it is very unlikely that you will have direct contact with bats.

Are bats blind?

Bats are not blind, they have limited eyesight, but use a complex system called 'Echo Location' (which is similar to radar), to locate and capture their insect prey.

Do bats build nests?

Bats don't build nests. They are sociable creatures who prefer to live with other bats, huddled together in colonies called 'Roosts' to share body heat.

But how can I help?

You can make a real difference to the future of our bats! By joining the Bat Conservation Trust and the Clyde Bat Group you will help us secure a long term future for these fasinating flying mammals.