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Volunteer Day (Hessilhead)

Bat Rehabilitation Tunnel Works Party

Postponed due to bird flu outbreak

NBMP Surveys

Roost Counts, Field Survey, Waterway Survey

Throughout June, July and August

Please email the bat group if you're interested to join.

Location includes Finlaystone and waterway survey in Paisley.

Bat Walks & Talks

April/May 2024 Date TBC Victoria Park Bat Walk

23rd August 2024 Linn Park Bat Walk, meet at 20:30

24th August August 2024 Dams to Darnley Bat Walk, meet at 20:30


30th August 2024 Lochwinnoch Bat Walk, meet at 20:15


30th August 2024 Glasgow Botanical Gardens, meet at 20:15

20th September 2024, Lochwinnoch Bat Walk, meet at 19:20

Bat Handling Members Event

TBC Renfrewshire

Details coming soon!


AGM This will occur in October 2024, more details to be added once we have a date.

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